Video from the 2008 Workshop

Testimonials from past attendees

Thank you so much for all the work and effort that went into the workshop. It was very beneficial!

Everything was wonderful and amazing. I'm completely wowed by the whole experience.

You did a great job! It is wonderful!

Excellent workshop. Very worthwhile and helped me make improvements. Thanks!

This workshop is awesome! It was such a neat experience for me. Thank you so much.


Everything was so well organized! And so wonderful!

Thanks for this very beautiful day.

Coordinator did lots of work, things seemed to run very smoothly. I know they were called for a reason.

Thank you, it was all wonderful!

The choirs were amazing. What a wonderful opportunity for the youth to sing.

The whole conference was wonderful. The choirs and presenters were exceptional.

It was fantastic. I came from out of town to attend and loved it. Thank you so much!

I was so pleased to see youth classes. Youth are so "in-to" music. Bro. Hugh's words on choosing good music really impressed me and my youth daughter. What a nice workshop. Well done. We learned and relearned a lot. Thank you!

I attended the classes by Jean Applonie and loved them all. I can't wait for another music workshop. I'm so impressed with the caliber of those who were presenting. Thank you so much. I've found a talent and ability within myself. I really have a desire to improve. Next time I will bring a friend or family member for sure. Thank you for all your hard work.

Upcoming Opening Session Speaker

Jerold Ottley

After graduation from Brigham Young University, Jerold Ottley's music teaching career included positions in the Murray, Granite and Davis school districts. Read more...

Special Guests

W. Herbert Klopfer

W. Herbert Klopfer has served as a member of the General Music Committee since 1983. His current assignments include coordinating music at Church headquarters, providing music support for worldwide stake conference broadcasts, recording hymns and children's songs for digital organs and pianos used worldwide, and recording background music played in temples of the Church. Herbert is an organist, pianist, and composer. He has arranged many organ solo recital pieces. He and his wife, Carolyn Hamilton Klopfer, wrote hymn #298, "Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth." Read more...

Dallyn V. Bayles

Originally from Green River, Utah, DALLYN VAIL BAYLES is a professional actor, singer and recording artist. Read more...
Pictures of past workshops: